The 3rd China Fabric Quality Competition kicked off
On June 28th, the 3rd China Fabric Quality Competition was launched with the theme of “Finding China's Good Fabrics”. This is the only competition in China that takes the quality of fabrics as the core of the selection, filling the gaps in related fields.
Dongfang City accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the silk market
As a traditional pillar industry in our region, the textile industry has encountered various challenges from domestic and foreign markets in recent years.


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Hangzhou Tianye Jacquard Co., Ltd. is located in three rivers estuary (Qiantang River, Fuchun River and Puyang River) with stunning and picturesque scenery, 20 kilometers away from the downtown of Hangzhou City and 25 kilometers away from the airport, enjoying very convenient traffic.

The company covers a floor area of 40 mu with a plant area of 25,000 square meters, a high-quality management & marketing team and a wholly-owned subsidiary, namely Hangzhou Maitian Import & Export Co., Ltd. Looking forward to the future development, it has made heavy investment in equipment, technologies and talent, had shuttleless looms and large computer jacquards and introduced hundreds of machines falling into three types such as Karl Mayer warp knitting machines and Mayer•Cie weft knitting machines, of which many machines reach international top standards. Its German Mayer•Cie OVJA1.6EE double-side jacquard weft knitting machines, which have been introduced exclusively in Chinese regions, can weave the current top-level jacquard mattress fabrics.

After years of its development, the company has witnessed the 30-year glorious development history of reform and opening-up, set up a batch of good and stable customer groups and sold its products in more than 30 countries and regions. In 2009, the company transferred its strategic focus to domestic regions, produced novel products for numerous customers according to their requirements so as to strengthen the organizational structures, pattern structures, color structures and functional structures of its mattress fabrics, solved problems about selling points, outward appearance, etc., and improved the world status of its products together with mattress manufacturers, sharing 30-year achievements of reform and opening-up.

As an enterprise unit of the president of the industry and a Chinese cooperative enterprise of US-China International Cooperative Exchange Meeting, the company, paying attention to quality management, has continuously passed the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System and ISO2000 Quality Management System for 5 years.