The 3rd China Fabric Quality Competition kicked off
On June 28th, the 3rd China Fabric Quality Competition was launched with the theme of “Finding China's Good Fabrics”. This is the only competition in China that takes the quality of fabrics as the core of the selection, filling the gaps in related fields.
Dongfang City accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the silk market
As a traditional pillar industry in our region, the textile industry has encountered various challenges from domestic and foreign markets in recent years.


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Dongfang City accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the silk market

Dongfang City accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the silk market

2019/02/24 20:15
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As a traditional pillar industry in our region, the textile industry has encountered various challenges from domestic and foreign markets in recent years. To this end, the China Oriental Silk Market Management Committee is actively promoting the continuous transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, actively exploring new market transformation models, and tailoring for the fabric industry. “Shengze Oriental Textile City” is a high-level textile trading platform. Promote the transformation and upgrading of the textile industry.

As a key demonstration project of the district, Dongfang Textile City will make every effort to build a one-stop textile fabric and silk boutique procurement base. In the face of attractive business prospects, recently, under the leadership of local and foreign chambers of commerce associations and industry giants, fabric merchants have subscribed to rent the shops of Oriental Textile City, Fuhua Shijia, Jinlun Group, Tianyuan Textile, Kailin Industrial. A large number of local brand companies have also signed large-scale contracts, as the main store and image display area of ​​the company, it is very eye-catching.

The reporter learned from the Oriental Textile City yesterday that the shops started to make appointments for more than one month, and the number of merchants entering the contract increased. Pan Feiyun, chairman of Jinlun Group, told reporters that the focus of the fabric industry in Shengze and the fabric industry in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai will be in the Oriental Textile City. This will be the gathering place for people, logistics, capital flow and information flow in the fabric industry. To lay a solid foundation for promoting the transformation and upgrading of Shengze's traditional textile trade pattern.

The industry needs to be transformed and upgraded, and the market must be synchronized and upgraded. Carrying the future of the silk textile industry, the Oriental Textile City came into being. The first phase of the project covers an area of ​​52,000 square meters, with a construction area of ​​about 170,000 square meters and 1,800 shops. Different from the traditional textile mall, the biggest feature of the Oriental Textile City is to achieve 100% self-sustaining property rights, bundled with the interests of merchants, and provide operational and ancillary services.

Liu Huimin, general manager of Jiangsu Shengze Oriental Textile City Development Co., Ltd. told reporters that Dongfang Textile City should be integrated into online and offline comprehensive services such as textile exhibition trade, R&D design, industrial finance, e-commerce, warehousing logistics and commercial support. The exhibition trade market cluster establishes the status of “the first cloth market in the world”, which has become the distribution center and wind vane of the national fabric industry, allowing exhibitors, merchants and clothing brand designers from all over the world to gather in Shengze and share the fabric that never ends. Fashion feast.

Although there is still a period of official opening from October this year, thanks to the market planning, investment policy and supporting services of the Oriental Textile City, the merchants who have settled in the first place have already received benefits. For example, through the 119th Canton Fair in May, as the Oriental Textile City expanded its international procurement resources, the settled merchants from the Guangzhou Zhongda Market received orders.

It is particularly worth mentioning that Dongfang Textile City also cooperates with Dongfang Yunfang City to implement the integrated innovation strategy of “Internet + Textile” by means of “Internet +”” to realize the entity + virtual “single and two” Shop, let merchants speed up the integration of "Internet + textile" tide, promote the integration of tangible market and intangible market.

“Under the official operation of Dongfang Textile City, we will provide six services including worry-free operation, industrial support, platform docking, fashion leading, procurement expansion, O2O e-commerce, etc., leading the development of professional market. Liu Huimin said that in response to the procurement development problem that merchants are most concerned about, Dongfang City will open a garment home textile production base, a secondary and tertiary textile professional market cluster, and a high-speed railway station within a range of about 200 kilometers with a new textile trade model. Buyers and other key areas of the airport, through the network of buyers; second- and third-level buyers, downstream clothing, home textiles, luggage brands, emerging clothing, e-commerce brands, to help textile buyers and sellers improve efficiency, reduce costs, bigger and stronger spot Trading, constantly increasing market sentiment, popularity and trading volume; fully integrating domestic and overseas professional exhibition resources, providing services for businesses to go out and helping businesses to expand the market.

The Chinese Oriental Silk Market must develop both the market and the industry. After the opening of the business, Oriental Textile City will become a modern professional market platform integrating textiles wholesale and business office, integrating commodity trading, information exchange, product display, logistics, e-commerce, financial services and other comprehensive business support services. The Oriental Silk Market has created a platform for the entire industry chain to fill the short board.

Shi Qingdao, chairman of Fuhua Shijia, believes that the construction of Oriental Textile City provides a great opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of Wujiang fabric industry. Dongfang Textile City is not only an upgraded version of the market, but also an industrial integration platform. Shengze has issued a series of preferential policies to support the prosperity and development of Dongfang Textile City. It is believed that it will become a global procurement center for thin fabrics, a world-class procurement base for filament woven fabrics, and a new symbol for the transformation of China's oriental silk market.