The 3rd China Fabric Quality Competition kicked off
On June 28th, the 3rd China Fabric Quality Competition was launched with the theme of “Finding China's Good Fabrics”. This is the only competition in China that takes the quality of fabrics as the core of the selection, filling the gaps in related fields.
Dongfang City accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the silk market
As a traditional pillar industry in our region, the textile industry has encountered various challenges from domestic and foreign markets in recent years.


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Shenzhen face accessories exhibition set sail soon, the museum's wonderful "fresh" experience

Shenzhen face accessories exhibition set sail soon, the museum's wonderful "fresh" experience

Media Report
2019/02/24 20:09
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Shenzhen International Textile Fabrics and Accessories Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition”) in the middle of the spring and autumn intertextile surface accessories exhibition, covering the entire industrial chain of textiles and garments in South China and surrounding areas, relying on the intertextile brand series exhibition resources, after years of development It has gradually grown into an industry event that cannot be missed every July.

On July 7-9, the Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition will occupy 3 halls of No. 6, 7 and 9 of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area is about 30,000 square meters. About 700, it has become one of the most influential textile surface accessories exhibitions in South China. Nowadays, the Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition is just around the corner. Let's grab together and “fresh” to find out the beauty of this industry feast.

Hall 6:

Main display: silk/imitation silk fabric, lace/embroidered fabric, hemp fabric, functional fabric, jacquard fabric, underwear/swimwear fabric, artificial fur/plush/leather/fur fabric

The essence of the pavilion: the pet of fashion

Description: There is no doubt that the fabric products that occupy most of the fashion currents are indeed gathered here. Production of the most extreme sportswear? Custom luxury fur leather? Mainly silk lace pajamas? no problem! Don't miss Hall 6 in the fashion favorite, come here to find more outstanding fabric products and seize better opportunities.

Silk area and embroidered lace area have always been one of the key areas of Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition. The high enthusiasm of exhibitors is as always. At present, these exhibition areas have become the platform of choice for domestic and foreign exhibitors to display their corporate image, promote the latest products and make global buyers. . Changzhou Shenda Warp Knitting Co., Ltd., Hangang Knitting, Guangzhou Spinning Knitwear Co., Ltd., etc. will be unveiled in the lace embroidered area. Well-known enterprises in the silk product area, such as Jinyubu, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Deqing County Jinsiyuan Textile Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wanshili Silk Technology Co., Ltd., etc. were all present.

In the sports function area, exhibitors closely combine the fashion and functionality of the products, not only paying attention to the comfort, health and safety of the fabric, but also adding elements of fashion culture to enhance the value of the products. Zhejiang Fangyuan Night Vision Reflective Material Co., Ltd.; Kunshan Jinxuda Textile Co., Ltd.; Suzhou Oracle Textile Technology Co., Ltd.; Changshu Xunda billion Needle Textile Co., Ltd. and other well-known enterprises in the industry will be present.

In the linen fabric area, the Mafang Exhibition Group will organize high-quality fabric companies to participate in the exhibition. In addition to the traditional pure linen products, we have also developed a variety of fiber blends. A variety of hemp-cotton blended fabrics and hemp-chemical fiber blended fabrics emerge in an endless stream. Greatly meet the needs of professional buyers for the diversification and personalization of textile functions. Foshan Zhenwei Textile Co., Ltd. and Tongling Hongfeng Ma Industry Co., Ltd. will display the quality in this exhibition area.

Exhibitors in the jacquard area will be present with the latest jacquard fabric products. Women's fabrics have always been the focus of the Shenzhen accessories exhibition. The newly established jacquard fabric area is more refined and will provide buyers with a more convenient procurement platform. Nanjing Li Resources Fabric Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd. and Zhangzhou Jiayi Tie Garment Co., Ltd. will be unveiled in the jacquard area of ​​this year's Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition.

Thanks to the advantages of the overall brand of the intertextile series exhibition and the intention of the organizers, more and more companies have come to sign up for artificial fur, plush/leather fur areas, and have begun to develop into a mature trading platform in the industry. The key exhibitors of the artificial fur and plush area of ​​this exhibition include the well-known enterprises such as the Import and Export Corporation and Ningbo Qiaoyi Plush Co., Ltd.

Hall 7:

Main display: chemical fiber fabric, cotton fabric, denim fabric. In addition, the media area and design detection area are also located in this hall.

Pavilion Keywords: Classics

Description: Whether it is the long-lasting cotton spinning, the chemical fiber that has been popular since the big wave era, or the cowboy from the western pioneering era in the Americas, it represents a certain era. However, through these three types of fabrics, the three major types of fabrics still exist. It is the darling of the industry market, and bears half of the fashion fabrics. It has to be said that this Hall No. 7 is full of “new” classics.

In the fashion women's chemical fiber zone, leaders from the industry, experts in the industry, and elites will participate in forums and seminars, and discuss with industry insiders the industry trends, future popular elements, corporate development plans, etc. Focus on the topic, and strive to make both exhibitors and the audience have a good harvest and satisfaction. Zhejiang Red Green Blue Textile Printing and Dyeing Co., Ltd., Suzhou Haomaier Fashion Fabric Co., Ltd. and many other well-known enterprises will all be unveiled in the fashion women's chemical fiber zone.

Cotton fabric is the oldest and most widely used natural fabric, and its comfort has always been beyond the reach of other fabrics. More than 40 companies from all over the country will bring high-quality cotton fabrics to participate. Cotton spinning enterprises such as Shaoxing Liwei, Shaoxing Zhengfang, Shandong Kangyue and Nantong Hongfeng will participate in the exhibition. The cotton spinning products brought by the company are also rich and diverse, such as cotton, polyester cotton, cotton brocade, human cotton, elastic cotton and other cotton fabrics will be fully displayed.

The denim fabric area is an important feature area of ​​the intertextile series. There will be more than ten domestic excellent denim fabric companies participating in the denim fabric area. Among them, there are many leading enterprises in domestic denim fabrics, such as Jiangsu Zhongheng, Jiangyin Hengliang, Shandong Yuyin, Kaiping Xindi, etc., which bring all kinds of knitted denim fabrics and woven denim fabrics. In addition, at this fair, the denim area will also present some distinctive denim fabrics, such as Tencel denim, linen denim, super-elastic denim, laser denim and so on.

Hall 9:

Main display: woolen fabrics, knitted fabrics, printed fabrics, accessories and overseas exhibition areas.

The essence of the pavilion: fine beauty

Description: A knitted fabric made of woven warp and weft, a printed fabric that is high at the end of the micro, a woolen fabric that is refined, and a product from overseas accessories companies are all built with their own rigorous spirit. Fine work, plus accessories products that have always been known for Seiko, the fine beauty of the various parties from Hall 9 will interact and will shine.

The knitted fabric area has gathered more than 60 domestic excellent knitted fabric enterprises to participate. Xiangye Cotton from Zibo will be unveiled as a special booth, in addition to the large publishing industry from Shaoxing, as well as from Foshan Jinxiu and Shenzhen Zhongfang in Guangdong. Thick needles, fine needles, printing, jacquard, nylon, polyester, velvet, functional knitted fabrics are available, the main fiber components and blended fiber components are very diverse, with cotton, wool, Silk, linen, modal, Tencel, viscose, etc.

The auxiliary materials area gathers nearly 100 high-quality accessories suppliers. Wujiang Yuli, Guangzhou Shanmu, Jianxing Time, Sifang Button and other well-known precision auxiliary materials enterprises have participated in the exhibition for many years and have achieved good results.

Woolen/faux wool fabrics will be displayed in a collection of high-quality wool, cashmere and other woolen and chemical fiber-like wool fabrics. Whether it is a combination of high-end quality and advanced technology, it is also a high-quality wool fabric, which is popular and affordable. It can satisfy the various needs of buyers. Shaoxing County Yuliu Import and Export Co., Ltd., Wuxi Xinxianghong Textile Co., Ltd. and other companies have come to the exhibition with their ingenuity.

In the overseas region, there are more than 100 exhibitors from various countries and regions. Among them, the Korea Pavilion of the Korea FASHION Materials Association and the Daegu Gyeongbuk Textile Industries Association (DGTIA) will present a variety of knitted fabrics, artificial fabrics and functional fabrics for women's wear. The Japan Pavilion, a leading Japanese supplier, will bring Japanese high-quality cotton and man-made fabrics for women's wear and casual wear, as well as fast-lifting services. Two British design studios debuted at the Shenzhen Face Accessories Show, Fairbairn & Wolf Studio will present a unique collection of creative silk screens and fabrics for the Chinese market, and Liberty Art Studio presents its contemporary classics, Asia and Spring/Summer 2017 series. Many international quality and international speeds make a difference here.

As the summer season has arrived, the pace of the Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition is also close. Nowadays, many exhibitors at home and abroad are in the midst of preparations. We look forward to meeting with many industry colleagues in Shenzhen in July to grasp the three-day time and achieve a summer business opportunity.

From July 7th to 9th, the business opportunity is waiting for you at the Shenzhen Face Accessories Exhibition!